Effective Ways to Make Your Grand Wedding a Pocket-Friendly One

Valuable Tips to Save Big for Your Wedding

It is said that when you plan to get married, both you and your partner should be financially stable. Well, it is only right as no matter how you would like to keep your wedding simple, cash outflow is necessary to make it  happen. But if you are wishing to have a grand wedding that won’t hurt your budget that much, here are some valuable tips that you can follow.

Wedding Venue – Instead of doing it in a five-star hotel, maybe you could settle with regular and boutique ones. These types of hotels can also offer you great event spaces. If not, consider your other options. Maybe you can get married in a garden which won’t require you that much decoration. How about using your backyard for as your wedding venue?

All About WeddingWedding Catering – As for your wedding catering, man choose informal catering styles. Buffet is actually a very budget-friendly option. Hiring a professional wedding caterer, especially one from your hired wedding venue, can also give you discount. If you think it is still expensive for you, then you can DIY a bit of your menu.

Wedding Cake – If you would like to save on your wedding cake, then you should know that simpler ones are now in the trend. It does not matter if is is colored in plain white as long as it is deliciously made. Don’t go for premium flavors too as they are priced highly compared to standard ones. Consider your other options as well like cupcakes and pies.

Wedding Dress – When it comes to your wedding dress, you can settle for sample sales if you wish to save big. There are many brides who were also satisfied when they purchased their wedding dress online as they were able to save big almost half the retail price. Pre-owned wedding dresses are also very affordable. But if only wish for convenience, then a rental wedding dress will do.

Wedding Rings – Making your wedding rings simple can definitely make them more affordable. Aside from diamond, there are also other durable gemstones that can be used for rings too. The same with the ring band metal as platinum is, in fact, not only your available option. Shopping online is more beneficial as well.

Wedding Transportation – You can go classy by using your Dad’s vintage car. But if you wish for a smooth and luxurious ride, hiring a limo service is now made more affordable for marrying couples through their wedding packages.

Wedding Favors – Wedding favors does not have to be expensive. What matters is that it is easy to appreciate and at the same time could make your wedding day even more memorable to everyone who witnessed it. Go for items that are easy to buy and won’t require that much time and attention to make it look stylish.